Why I Hate Online Selling!

Online selling AKA e-commerce. I used to thoroughly enjoy it and not as in to make a profit but more so that I could effectively recycle items I no longer loved. Whether it be the top I wore once to that party, or some craft ephemera that I can no longer see me using. The list I have below is not just using one platform, it is a combination of many from

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Depop
  • Facebook
  • Etsy


However, my views have changed.

1, Some people take forever with negotiations, I understand you want the item or collection of items e.g. how can you not know how much you want to spend?

2, If it is a UK selling page I am obviously in the UK especially if I have put the price in pounds sterling ££££. (However, I think that is where my cover page picture of the Pitons confuses people)

3, If I ask you if there is anything you want in particular and you say anything, do not get stroppy when I do give you anything.

4, Some people just do not know how to say sorry. When it comes to items I no longer use, I have them stored away, but maybe that is just me. However, some people ask for specific photos and then don’t even say sorry when they no longer want it. It often frustrates me as people will ask for extra pictures from every possible angle and lighting all to say no.

5, If I send you a message and I can see you have read it, just reply, it is common courtesy.

6, If you say you are going to pay at a certain time, then stick to your word.

7, If you agree you want an item sent 2nd class, the next day don’t be demanding your money back as it has not arrived.

7.5, Usually on eBay, when you know the person has received the item and still goes through eBay and get a refund

8, When people want you to refund the items and they do not want to send it back to you.

9, When people send you back damaged items

10, People do not read what you are selling and just assume what you are selling and get annoyed when it is not what they wanted even though you as a seller described what the item was.

Tell me what situations you have had to deal with shopping or selling online – let me know in the comments below. In the meantime I think I might succumb to reading the following:

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