I know I have not updated my blog in ages but I am back,  give thanks to the bank holiday.  So please read on for a much needed update and catch up.

1, I am working full-time YAY! But only till Nov. So yes before I graduated I had done the unbelievable of getting myself a full-time internship for 6 months.

2, I survived 5 weeks home alone – I never moved out for uni so when my family decided to go to our our Caribbean villa and leave me behind, it was a big shock to me. Not being woken up by family members and having to cook for myself everyday and cleaning a 3 bedroom house and large garden is no fun – TRUST ME!

3, Looking after poultry – yeah I did say poultry. My family own 11 turkeys – WHY? because chickens are to mainstream. These birds took up a significant amount of time as noone enjoys waking up at 5AM to feed them get ready for work and leave by 8AM work from 9.30AM – 5.30PM get home at 6.30PM then feed and clean the birds which takes me up 7.30PM then cook for myself – eat and put them to bed by 8PM; do domesticated house duties MONDAY-FRIDAY. I would be in bed by 11PM at the earliest. This is why there is a farmer, a farmer’s wife and kids to help.

Now I know alot of bloggers work full-time it can be considered to be the norm, as it is very rare to be so successful that you can blog full-time and live off that as your income.




A significant amount of time is taken up by work 35 hours to be exact within a week. which out of 168 does not seem to be so substantial but once you take out sleeping and commuting time drops down to 67 hours.  Which does not account eating time or impromptu coffee moments with old acquaintances – I work in London it happens.

I try and stick to a schedule and write down blog ideas in my small ban.do planner which literally comes everywhere with me.

I try and use my afternoon lunch breaks to jot down ideas and summaries and evenings editing and finalising.

As for weekends dependent on events I can usually write up to 2 complete blog posts. But I prefer  I love using weekend events as a great opportunity for blog photos or selfies.

So being organised; creating a timetable & following that schedule is action point one.



I plan to write ahead so I have a few posts already lined up to go live during the week. This unfortunately does not mean that I will post 5 times a week but lets set a realistic goal of 2-3 times a week.


3. Connect

This can be in number of ways whether it be following new blogs on WordPress or Bloglovin. There are a number of social media links you can update from your Facebook Page to your Instagram account. And by following new people it gives you the urge to update your own links.


While you are following new people don’t forget start a convo with people and leave a link to your blog. Convo on someone’s blog = Traffic to your blog.

You can also join a blogging community no matter your interest I am sure you can find one that floats your boat. After all blogging by yourself in your own bubble is lonely. Blogging Communities can lead to a number of things i.e.

  • Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Group Giveaways
  • New Friends


I will try and maintain a good work vs life vs blog balance. I want to make sure that the scales are balanced. At the end of the day blogging is a hobby that makes me happy and is an excuse to stay typing late at night like I am now instead of watching Tina Turner’s weird  hairstyle in her We Don’t Need Another Hero music video at my nan’s.





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