How to deal with a Cold at work

I hate having a cold – but coping with one at work is not the best.

The constant excusing yourself if you are lucky enough to have a free meeting room or walking over to the bathroom – to blow your nose.

Having a coughing fit that makes you eyes water.


Just breaking the office silence with sniffing.

So to be less of a nuisance to the team and to spread less germs follow these steps.

  1. Bring tissues with you, preferably the ultra soft one with Balsam or Aloe Vera in it as it also prevents your nose getting really red I find.

  2. Sanitiser – on the topic of hygiene make sure you have your anti bacterial gel. My favourite are The Body Shop range as it is the perfect size for your hand bag and have the most amazing fruity scents.                                                                            

  3. Hydration – By keeping yourself hydrated you are replenishing any water you are losing from getting a temperature. You are meant to drink 2 liters of water a day – I personally really struggle with this during the autumn and winter months, so I suggests tea or infused water. I recently tried Bamboo Water last time I came down with a cold.


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