Messages from my EX-Boyfriend

Break ups suck especially when you did nothing wrong and your ex can not be man enough to make a decision. See the messages below he sent me leading up to our break-up that just do not make sense – well to me at least.

I know it’s a big thing but you’re okay with it right?

He was going to join an all boys club. I did not text him back about it but when we next spoke – I explained that I was okay with it because of it can push him forward in his career and allow him to meet the right people to be successful. I supported him BUT this was not enough.

But I do think we need to.

His reaction to when I said ‘do you want to talk about what happened’ when his ex-girlfriend and sister where at his home when he got it from work.

Just feel a tad broken lol

He was NOT in the flirting mood – I did not know this possible for a man to do BUT it must be made easier when you have already moved on or in his case move backward.

Have a good day at work today babe xx

The last time he sent me kisses in a text message even though in 6 hours he would dump me.

…On to bigger and better

The day he broke up with me was also the last day at my previous job – little did i know at the time, more changes and goodbyes where ahead later that evening.

We really ned to talk though

What I did not know that this would be the conversation to end things I agreed and even suggested when he had rested and had the time – he has a busy job – and when he pursued to talk I still asked him he wanted to rest first (he had been awake for over 12 hours).

Can’t yet. Need to burn the Mode out of my system.

The ‘mode’ was being conflicted in having to women in his life.

I’ll be 10 mins

When he texted this I did not even realise he wanted a face-to-face talk, so I called him to clarify that is what he wanted.


The last thing he texted me.


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