How to Master your Emails Like A Pro

I personally have more email accounts than I actually need. Especially my work email every morning I do have the occasional feeling of being swamped and usually just as I start getting in the flow and reading and replying to email my phone starts ringing or I get walk-ins (the joys of working in HR). Even when I am away from the office my personal email inbox still keeps filling up.


Avoid Emails or Not

Some individuals choose not check the email first thing. I completely understand not checking your emails if you are working  on a project with an impending deadline. However, if not I find it therapeutic to go through all my emails first thing in the morning. Another option is to only check your inbox at certain times in the day –  I find that this works well if you have a group email inbox, that multiple people access.

Automatic Replies are not only for days Out of the Office

Another tactic is to set an an automatic reply most people use an automatic reply for when they are out of the office. However, you can also use it as an opportunity to say when you are responding back to emails, I like to use this on days when I know I have back to back meetings and that way you can redirect any messages that need to be responded to urgently.

Hi there,

Thank you for your email.

Today I have intermittent access to my emails due to back to back meetings.  I will be responding to emails at 09:30, 1pm and between 4.3pm-5pm. If you require an urgent response please call me on my direct dial ____ or email into my teams group email address

Kind Regards,



The Minutes Rule

Dependent on your job role or how busy you are or if the email has that all important Red exclamation point you can wait before you reply to the recipient. I have seen some bloggers suggest 5 minutes, because of the high pressured places I have worked in the past I use the 3 minute rule but that is just what works for me. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule.

It does not matter how swamped you are with emails make sure you treat each individual one with the necessary time and attention and don’t forget to spell check.


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