How I am Getting Over Him

Relationships end that is life and that results in being at the break up station. It is not easy  but it can be lonely. It is hard to go from constantly having someone messaging you from first thing in the morning with ‘sleep well?’ messages o just nothing. It is a sharp and drastic turn. It does not matter how long you have been with that person  so long as you have established feelings with that person it hurts.

I initially go through the ugly crying and nose sniffling stage because it is so fresh and confusing.

Another way I deal with my emotions is talking – I tell my best friends. I think it works better if they no the EX involved but they do not have to so long as it is someone you trust and they have your best interests at heart and you do not care about them seeing your cry face.

Cut all ties – in todays social media age it is so easy to keep being friends with them on Facebook and Instagram to see what they are up to. But if  you unfollow them of even block them you are less likely to get the urge to see what they are up to or who is commenting and liking their pictures.

Incorporate Self-Love into your life – TREAT YOURSELF ! Have those Tesco Chocolate Doughnuts – Go for a Luxury Mani Pedi with Rose Petals. Do.Eat & Enjoy all the things that you love doing.

Apologise & Forgive & Forget. I find it is the easiest way to move forward in your life, no matter how much your heart hurts, how much you still daydream about the past memories, move on from the past and into the present.

Finally it is true when they say it gets easier the older you get


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