How To Be Great At A New Job

Everyone wants to do well in a new job it does not matter at what level you are in your career.
How do you show that you are adding value to the team and the company?
(Stand out!)

Show that you can work as part of a team

-Be Helpful – Especially when you are not asked and you can see that a colleague maybe struggling.
-When going to the kitchen ask if anyone wants water or cup of tea (Very British)
-Attend social events whether it be after-work drinks, company breakfast or company sample sales
– Notice and copy the way they communicate
–Via Email
–Via Instant Message
–Just walking over to their desk or cubicle

Work Ethic

– Be the first one to arrive in the mornings (turn on the printer and lights in the office unlock the door – common in HR)                                                                                                              – Be the last to leave – ask a colleague if there is anything that needs to be done i.e. lock cupboards, turn off printer etc.

– Arrive early for team meetings
-Have regular catch ups with your line manager

Be Willing to Learn

(This is very important on your first day!)

– Ask questions                                                                                                                                                   – Take notes – make sure they are clear but do not take a long time writing them, this can frustrate the person teaching you and Type & Review the notes – when you are staying late)

– Listen and be attentive at all times – Within a new role there is a lot to learn so be aware of everything you are being told.


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