Winter Wardrobe Clearout

It is officially winter and I no longer need all my summer clothes. So it is now time to the winter wardrobe clearcut. It is time to say goodbye to my playsuits and short skirts and hello to onesies and layers. Follow the steps I use to make the process less time-consuming.

  1. Do your laundry – By washing all your clothes you can see everything together.

  2. Remove anything short – I like to be warm in the winter so all my shorts, ripped denim jeans, crop tops and kimonos all go in one area of my room.

  3. Shoes – buh bye flip flops and hello ankle boots.

  4. Damaged – In the bin – simple unless you can give it to charity.

  5. Denim – buh bye hot pants hello leggings.

  6. Tags on or Still in the box – If you have forgotten you purchased it and have not worn it get rid of it.

  7. Reduce the uniform – I personally have problem of buying ribbed black tops I have one from every high street retailer. So I am stepping away from my uniform and only keeping two out of what feels like 200.

  8. Holes – I love the lace trend but the disadvantage with them means that the can get holes in them from the washing machine or your friends puppy so if you can’t fix it, bin it.

  9. Stained – if items of clothing has permanent stains and Cillit Bang or Vanish does not get remove it get rid of it.

  10. Fit & Comfortably – Does it fit ? And Do I feel comfortable in it? I believe that these are essential questions when going through my wardrobe.



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