Top 4 ways to Lift Your Mood

The seasons are changing and I feel like that is when my mood drops as it gets darker quicker and I feel less like going out and more like staying in bed and keeping warm. This has not always been the case – my family have always considered me to be the fun bubbly child after all I was an only child for 7 years of my life, so belonging to a big family who can give me loads of attention probably is the main reason for that especially as they all lived pretty close by when I was younger.




I believe that when it comes to happiness it is something you have to deal with yourself and no matter what every cloud has a silver lining, no matter how many problems you have.


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Here are the things I do which help pick me back up when I’m feel down…

  1. Comfort Food
    My main comfort food is chocolate in pretty much a form: bar, drinking chocolate or cake. Everyone has that one food that just instantly makes them feel better. I also love home cooked food i.e. my dad’s minted lamb with roast potatoes. But I also love going out to eat and this combines the other thing I do to put me in a better mood.
  2. Talking
    I love venting about my problems especially when I get on a role – my dad says I am on my soapbox. My boyfriend and best friends are perfect for this they know when I need to rant about what’s going on in my brain and also how to take my mind of whatever is troubling me. This is why I choose to…
  3. Positivity & Peacefullness
    I personally can not deal with negativity, I always prefer to surround myself with positive people. I know everyone has bad days but just l sometimes need to vent about how the whole world seems to be crushing on my shoulders so do other people. This links to my previous point on how talking is essential as by listening to others problems and issues makes yours seem so much better.
  4. Create the right atmosphere                                                                                                          Lights. Candles. Relaxation – I love fairy lights; lighting candles I always have some type of diffuser in my room. It is also the little things you do so my ultimate thing to do to change my mood is to change my bed sheets. There is something about newly washed fresh smelling bed sheets that just makes me happy and it gets be excited for bed especially after a long bath i.e. bubbles in the bath & a glass.


If you enjoyed this post stay tuned for my next post Top 10 ways to lift your mood in Work.


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