TGF| Advice | How to Visualise your Goals for the Whole Year Ahead

This year I am going to create a vision board  to make sure I make sure unlike the rest of the world I actually achieve my New Year’s Resolutions.

By creating a  vision board you can physically see your goals and it can help motivate you to stop procrastinating and stay on track with your goals – You can do this either old school or techy (via Pinterest).

I received a cork board this year for Christmas (thanks mum!) so I am going old school and pin pictures and motivation to the cork.

But then again I do love Pinterest so I might create one on there too *Obsessive Much*🙈

1A, What are your resolutions//goals//milestones you want to reach?

To create a vision board know what you want to have their by setting some goals e.g. mine are to work out more (I know the most common new years resolution ever) see more on my   previous post – 2017 is going to be year MORE than 2016.

2, What is your time limit?

It is important to have both short and long-term goals and some goals you can you make small targets. If you are going to create small targets as part of your main larger goals, you may want to include a tracker to see the stages you go through. Also dependant on what you want to achieve it may have a set time limit e.g. passing an exam or you can set a personal time limit.

A good example of incorporating all these steps is what I  did last year I wanted to have a full-time permanent job in the city by the end of the year – this was my long-term goal with a time limit. To achieve this I set myself a short-term goal of getting an internship to gain the right experience.

3, Placement

You need to put your vision board somewhere you can see it to be a constant and gentle reminder of why you are working towards. I have planned to put mine on a wall I can see from my bed.

4, What is going to be on your vision board?

Anything that is going to motivate you towards whatever goals you have. It can be a carefully arranged for each particular goal or a mash-up of quotes, Magazine clippings and or photos.

E.g. some people have a vision board at work with quotes to stop them snacking and a role model figure to motivate them as to what they want their body to look like.

5, Create it

When you are ready put everything all together and if you can always rearrange it and change as you get closer to your goal.

Good Luck and Have Fun!



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