TGF| Fashion Advice |Office Wear Tips – Part 1

Office wear can be difficult if you are not used to it and it depends on what industry you are working in — office wear can vary e.g. a law firms office wear and publication office wear are too different things. Dressing well + taking care of your appearance = feeling confident.

Below are my tips to rock office-wear

1, Suits (and I am not talking about the tv show)

Everyone should have 1 go-to / staple suit especially if you have a working wardrobe. They do not have to be black or navy, you can have them in a range of colours and patterns these days. Suits are so versatile because you can create multiple looks with a suit.

Also remember a dress can be powerful and smart. As with a suit, when you take the jacket off you have only a skirt and blouse.

2, Style

It needs to be distinctive An independent visual identity can work to reinforce a position of power. Wear what you love; I love monochrome and houndstooth/dogtooth is my favourite pattern I wear it at least once a week because of this I am recognised overtime I wear it and people now associate that pattern with me – In a weird way it is a part of my identity and who I am.

3, Shoes

You must be able to walk in whatever you choose and they must be comfortable, you do not want to be that person who always takes their shoes off under their desk as soon as they sit down.The other important thing to remember about shoes is that they have to be comfortable you never know when you could be standing for long periods of time and you do not want to be shuffling from foot to foot. I would always say make sure you find a great pair of classic black pumps/heels that are comfortable, this means that no matter what you are wearing they will always work well with your outfit and being taller also makes you feel more confident.

My mother has always said dress for the job you want not the job you have and hopefully with these tips, your appearance may help you get further in your career.

2017 is going to be my year MORE than 2016-2


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