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Today is exactly a year today since I graduated with my Law With Psychology Degree- and trust me this year has flown by. In the space of a year I have completed an internship with one of the best magazines companies in the world and landed myself a role where I work for an international law firm. It was in NO way easy – I cannot even guess the amount of applications I made to get to this point – BUT – if you take anything from the post is that it is possible! I am living proof.😘😘😘


Getting a job once you have a studied hard & received your degree seems impossible!


It is possible – I did it – before I even graduated – I started my internship on Monday and I graduated on Thursday 😬😬😬.


What is the Secret???

I  don’t think there is a magic potion or recipe you can make to help you get a graduate job. However, I have 3 tips (as always) that can help you.


Your CV should be clear, concise  & 2 pages minimum (NO MORE!)

Recruiters should easily be able to locate your experience & achievements – Sign up with agencies – it is daunting at first but treat it as an interview and it is great practise for a real interview.

Interview Attire – Dress professionally at all times – Check out my office wear tips Part 1 & Part 2

Proof Read – Get someone else to check it for you.

Transferable skills – Even with loads of experience the job market is SO! competitive you require the magic formula of:

Experience + Academics + Extracurricular + Luck 

Yes, Luck is an unfortunate truth, you sometimes have to be in the place at the right time, I have started working with agencies before and they have said the role I was interested has been filled or the company are reviewing the position.


It sounds like an easy simple step but do your research and not just on the company website about page. Be commercially aware about what they are involved in, by doing this you give yourself the opportunity to make sure that your interview is a conversation and not an interrogation.

 Unfortunately in the age of social media – you may want to check your own self out to make sure there are no awkward questions asked about embarrassing photos from your first year in uni. So to stop any chance – Google yourself, see what comes up.

What I have mentioned are just my top tips to helping you get a graduate job. Do you have any tips on getting a graduate job that you think I missed and are more important than the ones I mentioned?


The larger your professional network  = the more opportunities you become aware of

I have had interviews for roles which I did not think I was suitable for when looking at the job description – BUT – I got an interview and even offered the job because I knew someone who knew the recruiter.

How to Get a Job as a Graduate

Do you have any tips on getting a job after graduating please share them below in the comments.



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  1. Getting to know people is the number one way to find a job, in my opinion. Having a great CV is fantastic, but above all you need to be memorable. Seeing your face is a million times more memorable than seeing a great CV. Go to events in your field.
    I also think it’s really important to think outside the box. I went to University as an English major. Everyone asked me, what are you going to do with an English diploma? There’s no jobs for an English major. But that’s lies. There are SO many jobs out there, and most of them you’ve never heard of before. Talk to past graduates of your program or people in different industries about what sort of jobs people in their company do and you’ll be amazed at the scope of work available.

  2. Networking is so important. Also, accepting internships your senior year can help. Mine led to a job!

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