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We are now halfway through the month of June and it has been a busy couple of months – which to be fair, is the way my life is like. I am not joking when I say it has been a rollercoaster from Dramas, tears and political confusion.

But as I have always been told what does not kill you makes you stronger.

So far in June I have had to deal with both the Manchester and London Bridge disaster tears fell on this sad situation. Especially with the London Bridge disaster as it is so close to where I work. It is one thing to see a disaster on the TV but it is a different story when you walk in that area several times a week. I probably spend more time walking round London Bridge to Borough Market, Hays Galleria and More London – than I am at home on a weekday.

The sadness did not end there unfortunately as I lost a family member this month. With every funeral I attend it always reminds me to make the most of everyday and how important family is. My great aunt who passed away was an amazing lady and accepted everyone no matter what anyone said – she always made her own judgement! That is one of many things I will always remember about her. R.IP. Auntie.x

The general election has been positive as it educated me more than my citizenship class did all those years ago – either that or I forgot about it. Potentially the latter option.

My June Birchbox arrived which is always the favourite part of a new month. I must say that this is the first month were I have received items where I could use all the products. But I doubt I will use all of them>>> In depth blog post coming soon. The products that I won’t be using will be sold on my eBay or Depop account. I know a lot of people just ending up throwing the stuff they don’t like or use but I see this as additional income back from your Birchbox.

Work wise – June is one of the busiest months with work experience students being in & audits – the worst part of my Job or at least the part I dislike.  However, busy times in the office force me to make the most of my working hours and then some. In addition to this I have a new team member who I report into, which is a new challenge especially when you are busy. Remember first impressions last a lifetime! I hope her first impressions of me are positive and stay that way. it is important these situations to be supportive and respectful at all times.

Funstuff: I have also been enjoying the sunny weather and too be honest living by the role – work hard & play even harder. I have been too:

Fashion feast seven dials – ear piercing

Pizza making at pizza express

Dirty martini drinks xmas edition Showcase

Check out my Instagram account @tgreatflower for loads of pictures and stories.

We are only halfway through the month and I can’t wait to find out wait to live it after all. I am no ordinary bulb.x





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